Friday, May 18, 2012

God never gives you anything you cannot handle.

I have never particularly like that saying. I do not believe that it is true. Maybe the faith of some can pull them through the things that life so forcefully thrusts upon them, but others... they do not make it. How do you account for suicide? I know many deal with things that are beyond my comprehension. I have never been one to doubt the lord or anything that he does. Lately I feel like the powers that be are picking on one person in particular way more then they should. I do not understand why some seem to be so tortured. 
I watch as they get one thing after another, it doesn't seem right. Innocent individuals should never face so many hardships. Why would the lord let a giant wall be put up in front of a person. I feel like there is so much to overcome that they have just been set up for a miserable life. It's not fair. The adage of what doesn't kill you makes you stronger is another one that I hate. No! Sometimes it doesn't make you stronger, sometimes it makes you bitter, and angry and miserable.
Faith officially dwindling...   

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